Converting strangers into customers

Your inbound marketing questions answered

Our buying habits have changed. Technology saw to that. We demand answers quickly and value advice and education provided to us online.

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Let's explore Inbound Marketing and each stage involved. 

Q: What is inbound marketing?

A: Marketing people love


Q: What does it do?

A: Attracts and converts strangers into long-term customers at a lower cost per lead than traditional marketing


Q: What do I need to do to get it?

A: You need to answer your prospects' question in the one place they trust the answers they receive. Online.


The inbound marketing methodology looks like this:



This is where inbound marketing begins. It is the education that attracts your ideal prospects – the ones you dream of serving. Creating content wrapped around you perfect client attracts other like-minded clients, building a solid customer base built on trust. When you provide education and answer the burning questions of your prospects before they have to ask you, that’s inbound marketing. In this phase, we focus on blogging, search engine optimization (so the Google gods can deem you worth of being a well-placed search result), social engagement, and the pages of your website. 


Now that we've captured your prospect's attention, the next step is to collect their information. It's not much different than seeing a stranger across a crowded room and making your way over to them so you can get his or her digits. That's when the magic begins. How can you get this information. Think if it this way. That beautiful woman is not going to give her number to just any guy (am I right ladies?). You have to provide something valuable. Great conversation is a good start. With your prospect, we are going after essentially the same thing. Offer up a whitepaper, tip sheet, or any other interesting piece of information to them in exchange for their email address. Once you've captured your prospect's email address, you can now continue nurturing them (kinda like dating) until they're ready to make a decision. 


Every sales person's favorite part is the close. Mind you, its not as easy to close an inbound sales lead as you might think. They're a bit different from your traditional sale. In this phase, you're approaching the decision stage with your prospect. Using your CRM, email nurturing and closed-loop reporting can all assist you in this quest for the sale. You have data. You know what they're downloaded. You understand all the content that they have consumed from you. Now, its time close. But what if they're not ready? No problem. Continue to nurture them with emails, engage them on social media and follow up the old fashioned way. 

Retain and Cross Sell.

It has been said that it is easier to retain than it is to aquire. You've just put forth a lot of effort to attract, convert and close these new customers. WIth a little time and a lot of thought, you can continue sending them content directed to them that will help them stay madly in love with you.  Don't let your love go stale, remind them that you care and send them love notes in the form of emails with relevant articles, blog posts and additional downloads. 

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