Inbound Success #1 - Copier "Sales Rep" Increases Prospecting Activity from 21.6 to 98.5 Calls Per Day

May 2, 2017 8:31:58 AM / by John Pulley


Let's get right to it. Inbound Works.

As a Dealer Principal or VP of Sales, you know all too well that getting your sales team to consistently prospect is challenging at best and seemingly impossible at worst. 

So you've got a rep that makes 20 calls every day? 30 calls every day? That rep is considered a rockstar for the time and effort they put into seeking out new people to educate about the type of impact that technology can make in solving business problems. They are to be commended.

But it's time to shift your thinking about the number of prospects that can be reached every day.

The "rep" we are responsible for went from reaching 22 people a day in their prospecting efforts to reaching 93 people every single day.  That includes Saturdays and Sundays, holidays, and with zero sick days.

Every web developer you've worked with has likely told you that your website is your online salesperson that is working for you 24/7. Technically true ... your site does stay online and available 24 hours a day. However, the best that that most online salesperson has is a business card (the Contact Us page) and a few brochures (pages of Static Content).

Our client had 649 visits from online searchers the month before we started. They had a 455% increase to 2,954 a month only 2 years later.

Inbound Marketing Search Traffic for this copier dealer goes from 21.6 per day to 98.5 per day.





Now Let's Break It Down In Sales Language

Here’s the best thing about these 2,954 website visitors. The majority of the cold calls your sales reps made were mainly to people who weren’t actively looking for what you sell. Most of the people that came to this website were looking for what you sell!

Google data shows us that 93% of B2B decision makers use search as their first source of information in the buying process. But we don’t really need Google data. We only need to think about how we buy things.

So, what’s the key to driving this increase in visitors to your website? When people in your market are looking for help with what you sell they crave helpful information. Inbound Marketing (done correctly with a team of industry pros) provides helpful information. This increases exposure on Google which drives more traffic. It also keeps people engaged on the website. And, with great inbound strategy, converts these visitors into sales leads.

Would you like to drive this kind of activity in your dealership? I’d love to talk with you. Message me through LinkedIn and we can set up a confidential consultation.

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John Pulley

Written by John Pulley

John Pulley is the former Vice President of Business Development for Prospect Builder, an office technology focused inbound lead generation agency. He is a trusted advisor to many in the dealer community and has worked with CDA, SDG, BTA, BPCA, and IBPI members. As a speaker and trainer, he has delivered his insights on Inbound Lead Strategy, SEO, Web design, social media, and, of course, sales at industry events – national, local, and even one-on-one. John wants every customer to succeed and previously worked to align Prospect Builder services with client growth goals and key business objectives.

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